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What you should know when choosing autonomous vehicles for your business

Autonomous vehicles, once seen as an impossibility, are becoming increasingly prevalent. However, because, since use of autonomous vehicles is still far from widespread, laws governing their use, driver liability and how insurance companies will view driverless cars is a bit uncertain. Today, 38 states and the District of Columbia have enacted legislation or executive orders regarding autonomous vehicles (AVs). California has a branch of the DMV devoted to autonomous vehicles, including regulations, deployment, testing permit holders, and collision reports.

You may be wondering how AVs could impact your business and may even be looking at ways they can be incorporated into future plans. Read on to learn more.

Advantages of autonomous vehicles in commercial settings

One reason that there is such a strong push to get AVs on our roadways is that over 90% of vehicle crashes involve driver error. By removing the driver, companies foresee a reduction in the number of traffic accidents. This becomes important in industries that rely on delivery vehicles, service vans, or other vehicles that are essential for the transporting of products or personnel. If AVs reduced accidents, it would result not only in a reduction in accident costs but in possible insurance savings as well.

Traffic safety issues for automated vehicles

Since many states have only authorized testing of AVs, we can only speculate as to what issues there will be once there is widespread use across the country. There will be a need for training for driver-assisted vehicles and an improvement in the general landscape of public knowledge. In addition, insurance companies have questions as to liability issues. It may be difficult to determine fault when a driverless or driver-assisted vehicle is involved in an accident. Was it the fault of the driver? Was there a problem with the artificial intelligence system not responding as it should?  In the near future, autonomous vehicles will share the road with driver-operated vehicles. There are bound to be accidents.  

What to do if you are considering autonomous vehicles

There is no doubt that AVs are the future of transportation. If your company is considering using AVs in your fleet, start by doing research. There are many car companies offering autonomous vehicles or driver-assisted vehicles that range from high-end to affordable models. Speak with experts who can help you determine what kind of financial impact this would have on your business.