Premier Litigation Attorneys. Premier Clients.

Commitment to client service: Thomas Whitelaw is a client-centric litigation firm. Our clients are smart to demand results and value from their services. Our A-list litigation attorneys deliver what you expect.

Litigation Prowess

As seasoned litigators, each partner has 10 or more years of experience in various courts. The firm’s attorneys drew upon their business, technology, real estate and engineering backgrounds to quickly and comprehensively develop a litigation strategy. Depending on the situation, the practice may employ litigation techniques to prevent business conflicts from escalating, or to effectively and rapidly reach a solution. The firm employs mediation and other alternative dispute resolutions when prudent to negotiate innovative settlements that achieve the best results for our clients.

Nationally Recognized Trial Attorneys

Nevertheless, trial may be inevitable, and the firm’s reputation as aggressive litigators becomes critical. Because jury trials have become a rarity, many “litigators” possess little trial experience. Thomas Whitelaw is the refreshing exception. We produce successful trial outcomes for our clients. We will.

Use Of Advanced Technologies

With state-of-the-art hardware and software, the firm ensures the utmost security and cost efficiencies for our clients. Thomas Whitelaw maintains a virtually paperless system by electronically storing data, and controlling and maintaining documents and depositions. The firm employs encryption, firewalls and other safekeeping techniques in the most effective manner.

Transactional Expertise

The firm’s corporate and transactional work spans various business and real estate issues, and is a core competency of the practice. From structuring, negotiating and documenting transactions to providing counsel on strategic alliances and joint ventures, Thomas Whitelaw attorneys possess extensive experience with transactions such as acquisitions, real estate development, financing, as well as contracts and other complex business issues.